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Christmas consideration

It is Christmas Eve and in the next few hours the annual festivities crescendo. The rush to purchase gifts, send greetings, welcome folks home for the holidays and prepare the holiday foods all collide with the reality of the limitations … Continue reading

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Cousin’s demise opens hidden secrets

I lost my cousin Maretta last week. She entered high school as I entered grade school, married about the time I began learning long division and moved a long way away before I finished high school. Our paths crossed a … Continue reading

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It’s a mystery to me

My husband quakes in his bed when I pull out my bedtime book and he reads the title of my “Who dun it.” “You are researching ways to do me in,” he apprehensively concludes. “Nah, just having a good time … Continue reading

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New creatures in Christ

Touched by the love of God, two men on different continents experienced the love of God that changes lives through the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The first man’s story began in the 1950s deep in the jungles … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving table

The weekend project proudly took its place in my daughter’s home – a year after she requested that her father build it. OK, she knew it would probably take a couple of weekends, maybe even three, but she knew what … Continue reading

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