Winner, winner

Living in Phoenix, Arizona after arthritis forced early retirement, Rose Corwin had time to go to quilt shows in the area – as long as she had an companion. “I was a fall risk,” Corwin said. When her husband declined to go, she found an escort.

They always have this form to fill out by the American Quilt Show. Every year the AQS gives away a $24,000 quilting studio.” As Rose filled out yet another form her companion asked, “Why do you do that? No one ever wins those things.”

Because you never know. Maybe I will get a coupon.” she said.

Later that year, the Corwins moved to central Arkansas and settled in a small three bedroom duplex in Hickory Ridge. Shortly after moving, Rose’s phone rang. The caller ID said Paducah, Ken.

Rose picked up. A guy said, “Is this Rose?”

Yeah,” she answered tentatively.

I am from the American Quilt Show in Paducah. I am calling to let you know that you are our grand prize winner.”

Rose laughed scornfully.

No. I’m serious. Aren’t you excited?”

Oh, yeah, sure,” she said.

What are you going to do with all your stuff?”

Well, make a lot of stuff!”

Before he hung up, the man said a woman would call in an hour to deal with the paperwork.

Rose figured that was the end of it. An hour later, the phone rang. It was a woman saying, “I need to get all the paperwork done so we can ship you everything for your dream quilting room.”

Are you serious? Is this for real?”

It’s for real. Yes.”

Then, I got exited.” Rose said. She called her Arizona quilt show buddy and said, “Do you remember when you took me to the quilt show? Remember when I filled in that paper work and you said ‘why bother, no one ever wins?’ Well guess who just won the grand prize!”

The grand prize included a trip to Paducah to the annual quilt show where the woman officially presented Rose with the prize.

After the show, the stuff started coming,” Rose shook her head in wonder. The grand prize included a top of the line Janome sewing machine with all the bells and whistles, $3,000 worth of thread, a sewing machine cabinet, storage cabinets for a sewing room, yards of various fabrics in many colors and patterns, quilt kits, quilting books, a big cutting table and more.”

It started coming and I wondered, ‘Where am I going to put it all?” Rose said.

We were okay until the long arm came and then I had to get rid of a whole bunch of furniture. There was no room for the couch. It would only fit into the living room of the duplex.” A technician arrived to set it up and demonstrate the basics. He adjusted it to use sitting down because arthritis prohibits Rose from lengthy sessions of standing.

The $24,00 dream quilting studio took over the duplex. The 10 x 10 foot bedroom became the couple’s living room. Another bedroom had three of the cabinets and their bed. The living room became the quilting room.

Her husband took one room, put his big screen TV, a chair and love seat in it and slapped a sign on the door ‘Man Cave.’ He emphatically said, “’You can’t touch this room.”

When the Corwins moved to El Dorado, they found a triple wide trailer, bought more furniture and again have a living room. The quilting studio fills the spare bedrooms. If anyone asks Rose about winning, she always assures them, “People really do win those things.

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