Parker speaks up

Naptime and Parker could not rest. He had a very important question. “Mom, did the workers pop my head on?”
Mom looked at him in astonishment, “What workers and what do you mean?”
Parker looked at her in exasperation before he impatiently explained, “When I was made at the baby factory. Did they pop my head onto my neck?”
His mom giggled, “Sure. Go to sleep Bud.”
Parker studied her face before promising, “Okay, but we’ll finish this conversation when I wake up.”
When his mom posted the story on her Facebook page she clarified, “I didn’t tell him that babies come from a baby factory. He got that from the Boss Baby movie.”
Parker watches enough videos that when his mom turned on a modern day cartoon for the boys recently, he said, “Wow! this show is old school.”
This from a child who has yet to go to kindergarten. Puzzled his mom asked, “Why do you say that?”
“Because I haven’t seen it in a few weeks.”
Those same weeks he has been doing chores around the house and saving his money to buy toys or candy – or so his mother thought. The other night he asked her, “Mom, how much money do I have in my piggy bank?”
“About twelve dollars. Why? What do you want to buy?” she asked.
“I want to buy you a Christmas present, Mommy.” he said.
Her heart melted, “Aww, that is so sweet of you! But we don’t need anything.” she said referring to herself and his dad.
Parker shook his head, “No, not Dad … you, Mom.”
Mom is the center of the world for pre-schoolers like Parker and his little brother Carter. They want her around all the time. Usually they wake her up early as they begin the day playing. Recently, however, they surprised her and crawled into bed with her instead of pulling out their toys. Everyone slept in until nearly nine. “I don’t even know what to do with this kind of rest,” she said.
Perhaps get ready for more questions from Parker. After viewing a video of himself as an infant trying new sounds, Parker asked, “why couldn’t I talk?”
“He did not take long after that video to start talking,” his mom notes wryly. He keeps her on her toes. Before Christmas he had a thousand questions about Santa Claus and she had to come up with an answer for each one. One day’s worth of questions follows:
Q: How does Santa fit down the chimney?
A: Santa has magic dust that makes him fit in chimneys of all sizes.
Q: How many elves does Santa have?”
A: 900
Q: Why can’t I be awake when Santa gets here?
A: If every kid was awake, they’d all wanna talk and hang out with Santa and he wouldn’t have time to get to every house in one night….so we have to be asleep.
Q: Which United State is Santa going to first?
A: He goes to whichever state has the presents on top of the bag.
Q: Would it take us about three days to get to the North Pole?
A: We can’t go to the North Pole because it’s a magic place and only Santa knows where it is.
Q: Why is Santa so fat?
A: Because of all the cookies.
Parker’s mom encourages him to question and learn. As they assembled a puzzle of the country, Parker pointed to a state and asked, “Have you ever been there?”
“Yes. I visited friends there.”
“What? Wait, you have friends?” Parker asked.
So much information awaits to fill the head popped on Parker’s neck at the baby factory.

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