Writing notes on hand

I’m scolded for doing it, but I don’t care. I say, “Don’t knock it until you have tired it. Besides it is the best solution to my perpetual problem.”
Perhaps you will understand:
Have you ever lot a shopping list and didn’t even think about the most important items º until you wee back home? Have you ever been told, “It’s a good thing your head is attached to your shoulders or you would lose it, too.”?
If you identify with either scenario, then you can understand the desperate circumstances that led me to grab a pen and begin writing reminders on my hand. With a note on my hand, the reminder remains in view, not tucked away in the purse or laying on some store counter.
The best part is, although I still misplace shopping lists, I haven’t lost my hand, yet.
(If I ever do, I kinda think I won’t care if I remember what I had written on my lost hand.”
I thought the idea was unique, until I noticed the neatly penned note on the side of my geology professor’s palm at SAU-M. Come to think of it, the pressures of keeping house and mother four, while going to college, precipitated the habit.
Most of my family have picked up the habit, but my favorite convert teaches three-year-old pre-school. Her students don’t mid, but the other teachers initially thought it was a bad idea.
When an item, event or person is important enough o need an extra thought, prayer or reminder during the day, I ink a reminder. Like the time I realized that weeks had passed since I took my husband’s suit to the cleaners. I grabbed a handy hand, jotted ‘cleaners’ on the palm and remembered to pick up the suit, finally.
Since beginning to work at the News-Time, my palm has read CARD because if I forget to bring my electronic time card I have to get a signed note verifying my presence. I feel a bit old to be asking for ‘admit slips.’
Sporting a typical inked message to myself, I was eating at a friend’s one day when I noticed an obscure little plaque on her shelf. The brown-toned picture depicted a child in the palm of a huge hand. Underneath was a quote from Isaiah, “See, I have not forgotten you, I have carved you in the palm of my hand.” I was so impressed, I checked another translation, “See I have tattooed your name in the palm of my hand.”
Made me feel pretty important. My inked notes rub off in a couple hours, but tattoos are permanent.
I told my friend, “If you ever want to put the plaque in a garage sale, call me first.” She said, “I won’t. That was given to me during a hard time in my life as a reminder that god hadn’t forgotten about me.”
A year later when she was moving though she gave it to me as a good-bye gift. It hangs on my bedroom wall as a reminder of our friendship and my relationship with God.
The pictures reminds me of the song, “He’s got the Whole World In His Hand.” Maybe Isaiah was the inspiration for the song, maybe not.
But the way I figure it is –
If He can tattoo my name permanently in His palm, I can ink myself a note for a couple of hours until I remember to stop by and pick up the film I left to be developed last month