truck party

Sept. 12, 1994

We had a party at house, I asked the guests, paid for the entertainment but was not included in the fun. Wasn’t my type of party anyway. Just a bunch of men in trucks.

We don’t own a truck,. My husband prefers little sports cars. That morning, his sports car was ailing from too many sporting runs across the country (or something like that), so I took him to work in the mini-van.

The truck party had already started when I came home A truck and trailer were parked in the driveway, men were in the yard having a tree climbing contest as they trimmed the dead wood and damage left from last winter’s ice storm.

“Thought I’d never come, didn’t you? The bossman yelled.
“You’re right on time,” I sad a another truck pulled in.
I walked with that driver around back where we had an air conditioning unit. He had to play a game of pin the tail on the problem. The day before he had come, found one problem, but assured me, even if the house cooled, we were close to needing to replace the unit.
The house had not cooled. We needed a new unit I decided he was a rather expensive gust, but agreed with him. In August, it is no fun having a party without an air conditioner.

While we stood talking about the new air conditioner, the tree climbers were filling the trailer with pine boughs. When it was heaped to overflowing they left. Followed shortly after by the air conditioner man.

The tree climbers returned and hauled off more limbs and a tree trunk. After another trip they were ready to tackle the back yard. Then the new air conditioner arrived, riding proudly on the back of yet another truck. That driver came to the side door. I showed him where to go and turned to answer a question at the back door from the guy with the chain saw. I resolved that problem and the front doorbell rang. I looked out the window. Another truck was in our drive.

I knew I had invited the other two trucks already in the yard, but I could not remember having invited anyone else to my truck party. I went to the front door.
“Hello, ma’am, I’m here to pick up for the Habitat for Humanity garage sale.” the smiling man in the red shirt reminded me that I had invited one other truck to stop by – sometime. I indicated the bags of clothes, knick knacks and household goods waiting off to the side.

My part was in full swing. One truck in the drive, one at the side yard and one in the back. Men all around the house taking away our old limbs, the old air conditioner and old clothes. Out with all that old stuff, including that extra cash cluttering up our savings account. In with the new, as I added to my list of “bills to pay.”

It was a great party, but it did not end there. One of the tucks got stuck in the backyard with a dead battery. I invited one of my neighbors with a sturdy looking truck to thread his way between the fence, house and shrubs to the backyard where the party was winding down.
Strangest party, no one could come inside to cool off. The inside of the house was hotter than the outside. By the time the air conditioner had done its job, the trucks were gone. It was a great party.
I hope I never have to have another one like it.