news notes

AP carried a story about Biloxi’s $10 million insurance payment from Lloyds of London. Seems the mayor decided back in the summer to put up $92,000 for insurance in case something happened to the many casinos which now support the community. With Katrina the casinos are gone, but the mayor still has cash flow.

C. Tucker writes about a proposed legislation to deny illegal immigrants entrance into college. Find some way to make them legal … they are the life blood of an aging nation … education does more for the economy than poverty and ignorance.

A story that intrigued me on our feature wire calls the new parents of college students: Helicopter Parents because they hover over their college students intervening on issues that colleges typically considered the student’s problem. Reminds me of Dr. Eichenberger saying that he kept extra copies of old tests on file for parents of students who came in upset because Johnny can’t pass University Physics. “Here is something to help him study for my tests.”
I heard of one father locally calling up SouthArk to dresss down the school because they had upset his daughter by something taught in class.
In the 60’s the students stood up for themselves and their parents wished they would please chill. In the 21st century, the parents stand up for their grown babies and (I would hope) their college aged children wish their parents would chill.