be careful, be very careful

On Sunday at a church in Camden, a doctor stood in the pulpit to make an announcement.

One of the members in the church had been diagnosed with an active case of tuberculosis. They did not consider it a cause for concern, but the medical realm recommended that everyone in the congregation have a TB test done … soon. The members looked around at each other and wondered who had the illness, then forgot about it as the service proceeded.

They were sharply reminded, however, when they walked out the door to the narthex. They were met by a fully prepared TB testing station and nurses waiting to administer the TB test to every one walking out that door. They did not have to take the test, but they also had no excuse to NOT have the test and a lot of witnesses to a refusal to take the test.

The co-worker missed a few hours of work this week because her test proved to be borderline positive. She had to go in for an x-ray and medication as a person who has been exposed and has the virus. She is not considered contagious. They just want to address the issue of TB promptly and not allow it to become a full blown case.