10-24-1989 letters from Mom, Doris Hibbard

October 24, 1989
Dear Ones,
It is hard to imagine but I simply do not have any work to do this afternoon. Of course, it could change momentarily. I have had a work study student this semester which has been a great help in keeping the filing caught up.

It is a beautiful day here in New York – a nice warm fall day. I took the week of Oct. 9 off work. It too was mainly very nice and the trees were at their peak of color. When we cut our summer vacation short I put in for the first break week off (no students on campus) it will soon catch up with us as it will soon be time for the spring registration and then it will be busy until exam time and the next semesters, etc. Better enjoy it while I can!!!
Mert has been splitting some of the wood pile up all around the house and keeping track of the chipmunks, etc. We did have some turkey for a few days, but guess they were annoyed by the dog that adopted us, barking at them. Also has been helping Bert some with some repairs on the tractor.Bert has been on some additional medication for the last two weeks and Mert thinks it is helping him some. I went down there Sunday the 15th to see Hope’s baby and Laurie’s as there were both there. Hope and Keith had been to Ohio to a wedding. Two nice little babies – but already growing bigger, of course. Also saw Sue and her family.
Burnie says they are all doing OK and his volleyball team will probably be in second place in the divisionals. Says Janelle can pull herself up now and walks around the coffee table. I talked with Jonathan a bit and he too keeps sounding older all of the time. Everyone keeps busy. Julie just had a birthday so it is safe to say that we all keep getting older!! (I know I do.)

Sharon and the boys were down last weekend for Sat. and Sun. It was good to have some company. We tried to spray a puzzle that Mert had finished and was too pretty to put back in a box (1,000 pieces) but it remained tacky. She carried it upstairs and put it on the bed or someplace. We will have to find something and try spraying again. Went to the flea market and found one in an unopened box so he can work on that when the weather is bad outside. talked about getting a hunting license but has not shot a gun in 2 plus years.
I had bought another puzzle but he likes the scenic ones better, then wonders why so many pieces are alike! Every once in a while I am tempted to work on it also. It was rather a rainy weekend until Sunday so the boys enjoyed the TV and their books and playing some Monopoly – I think they beat Grandpa.

Sunday afternoon, Mel and children stopped in for a few minutes. I did not know it until they came, but Deanna’s Grandpa Foster’s funeral was that day and they had come up for that. Deanna had come up on Sat. and they were on their way home.. There and gone before I knew what was going on. Didn’t even have time to offer them some cookies and milk. Or didn’t think of it anyway. Matt says college is OK and he is also working in a convenience store. Kathy has been playing soccer. She looked very nice in a black and white outfit, tall and slim. I forgot to tell her that Burnie wants you out there to play volleyball!! Luke too is growing up and says he is still practicing his viola and doing quite well with it. Ben and Luke were on the scales and weighed within three pounds of each other. Now I have forgotten which was which, but 97 and 100 lbs. Joe is the third baby of that group. I think he will top them.
The news from Arkansas is that they will be moving to Elgin, Ill. in the Chicago area. Joseph is going to be senior chemist in the Research and Development dept. for Rawhide Rubber Co. the type of position that he has wanted for a long time. Congratulation, Joseph! Joan and Joseph went ot Chicago this last weekend to check out more about the area, schools, housing, etc. Joseph had to come back on Sunday, but I think Joan was staying a couple of more days – the company flew them up there, etc. Joseph will be starting Nov. 7. I think I heard. As always there are mixed emotions when one moves but I for one am glad they will be closer to our area so we can possibly get out there and back and vice versa once in a while. Also a good ‘stopping point’ if one was traveling East or West. I am sure that the children will find different school situations and we hope what they want as far as their interests go. Guess it was a good thing Joan took the year off. It seems that our grandchildren are growing up so fast and we do not see any of hem as much as it would be ice to do. Guess that is life.
Jane is on the unwind part of her schooling – I think she has all of the courses completed (except possibly one) for her degree. She has been substituting i the business dept. for the last two weeks and plans to get her teacher’s certification as soon as possible – then she says she will be ready to whatever may come – or at least be able to take course that she wants to take. I haven’t heard anymore about Danny, but he was not feeling just right and she had taken him for blood tests, etc. Joe was going to be getting braces on his teeth – for starting the process. Like I say – they all are growing up. Steve has been playing football this year and Mike is in junior high along with Nate and Jeremy. Jeremy is taking Latin and doing well with it. Mert can’t figure that one out. Latin!!! Glad he (Jeremy) didn’t know I took it and test me out on my knowledge – that is in the past.
Well, I guess I have gone on long enough, this week I go back for another cholesterol test – a free one with just the finger prick type and I am hoping to get Mert to go with me – I have an appointment for him, too. Then next week, I will be going to the dentist – what thrilling things to look forward to.
Someone needs this typewriter, so good-bye for now.
Mom and Dad

Yesterday a.m. I finally took time here at work and wrote once again to the NYS Retirement Arrears Dept. Told them I thought I had been patient long enough and thank YOU for helping me get it all straightened out. If I get another letter stating that they are too busy, I will then turn it all over to my Congressman. All I ever get is letters telling me to be patient, that there are pressing matter or people for them to attend to. I have several letters that I have written and the same reply since Nov. 1985 when I started to work here again. It will soon be five years ago and the rate they are going it will take me until 1990 to get it all figured out. I just hope that they do not say that I have to wait until I rejoined the system in Oct. 1986 plus five years!!! Not when I thought I was a member all of the time.