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It’s great being Katie

It’s great being Katie. At 17 months, she receives the the royal treatment. Her personal lady in waiting (aka “Mamma”) personally dresses her every day. Katie does not have to do anything about putting on shoes, socks, shirts or shorts. … Continue reading

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Postcards from the past

At the end of a long table at an estate sale sat a cardboard flat of 100s of picture postcards. Most came from the 1950s and 60s and had been stamped, addressed, and sent, leaving clues to the activities of … Continue reading

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A gift of sorts

For want of a credit card, the gift never arrived. Hearing great raves about an Italian restaurant a couple hours away, hubby wanted to eat there ­ until he looked at the prices on the menu. “This will be your … Continue reading

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Responding to scam phone calls

Don’t call us, we’ll wait for you to write. We don’t do phone solicitations. Sure we need some house repairs, and we might talk with the siding salesman if he sends us information so we can compare fees. Until then, … Continue reading

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