Nostalgic memories found in Ebay

As a retirement hobby, my husband and I sell on Ebay. It gives us an excuse to buy and gather items that interest us and then pass them along to someone else.

While I enjoy the shopping, my husband enjoys packing. He wakes up many mornings asking, “Did we sell anything?” He really likes to fold, wrap, build a box and ship.

He misses most of the messages I receive from buyers about items listed. Sometimes the messages entertain me as much as collecting the items.

Recently, I acquired a few vintage cut-and-sew fabric panels of a Bassett hound puppy. I remember cutting, sewing and stuffing similar animals for my younger cousins. I researched to find the usual selling price. I took pictures of the fabric and listed them on Ebay.

A couple weeks later Paula B. found my posting of the puppy panel and began the following series of messages.

Paula: Hi, Joanie, I hope you are doing well. I know this is a fair price for this item, but would you consider less? It’s a long story, which I won’t bore you with unless you’re interested. It would mean a lot to me if you could consider $20 plus shipping. And if you want to hear my story, I’ll tell you! Thanks for considering. Best wishes, Paula B.

Joanie: Sure I will take $20. Tell me your long story. I like stories. Meanwhile here is the link to one of these puppies.”

I sent her a link to a unique listing as per her requested $20 sale price.

Paula: So here’s my story! My dad’s older sister, my Aunt Oreta, was loud and funny. I loved her to pieces when I was a kid (still do). She loved crafts of all kinds, sewed, did embroidery and painted ceramics. She joyfully gave them all as gifts (which my mom kinda looked down on as some of them were a little slapdash). I still have some cute embroideries in my bathroom that my aunt made. The ceramic kitty that she made for me lives at my daughter’s house now. She made one of these basset hounds for me when I was probably eight or so.

I slept with it well into college, when it was in shreds. I finally tossed it.

This last week or so I just became OBSESSED with finding one! I have been casually looking for a while but lately I HAD to have it. I found one on Ebay Monday. It came today, and I washed it with cold water and no soap in my tub. All the black dye bled out – so it looks all faded and weird.

The strange thing is, she died last Sunday. I was obsessing over finding this puppy pillow like my old one. The one I bought is pretty much ruined and I would like to have another.”

Paula thanked me for the link, ordered and paid. My husband folded and slid the fabric into an envelope. We mailed it that day.

I messaged her, “I received your payment. We have it packed and shipped. Happy sewing!” I thought that would be the last I heard from the buyer. But no, this is a woman after my heart. She likes to write.

After she received the fabric panel, she wrote me the rest of our story.

Paula: “Hi, Joanie, thank you for the puppy pillow!!! It’s sooooo cute and makes me so happy!! I sewed it up last night. Happy selling!!”

I didn’t make as much money as I might have. I. did make someone happy, fulfilled their quest for a nostalgic item and found a fun story to share with my readers.