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It’s great being Katie

It’s great being Katie. At 17 months, she receives the the royal treatment. Her personal lady in waiting (aka “Mamma”) personally dresses her every day. Katie does not have to do anything about putting on shoes, socks, shirts or shorts. … Continue reading

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Grandkid time

With a series of family visits planned, I packed toys, books, needlework and science projects. I have to keep up with my grandchildren’s illusion that I have more toys than they do. I doubt it, but I do enjoy watching … Continue reading

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Grandma’s toy box

My granddaughter pulled toys out of my toy cupboard. She turned to her mother and commented, “I think Grandma has more toys than we do.” Her mother just laughed. She knew who the real winner was, but Caroline is right. … Continue reading

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Rules, right back at you, Mom

My nephew, Jeremy, and his wife, Tara, have seven children from four months to 12 years old. Tara homeschools and takes the children to music lessons. She maintains a private family blog about their children. With their permission I am … Continue reading

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