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Postcards from the past

At the end of a long table at an estate sale sat a cardboard flat of 100s of picture postcards. Most came from the 1950s and 60s and had been stamped, addressed, and sent, leaving clues to the activities of … Continue reading

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Make Way for Ducklings

((Have you heard of this book? Please comment yes or no. We were surprised how many had NOT heard of the ducklings.)) For weeks and months, my husband spends hours poring over the computer search engines seeking out the “must … Continue reading

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Not so poor after all

Before I married, someone said, “You’re going to be poor the first 10 years anyway, so go ahead, get married and get started.” This proved to be quite true. We were poor. How poor were we? So poor that we … Continue reading

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That day was not the way we planned it

At our house, nothing ever goes quite as planned. Take the halfway mark visit that the four grandchildren’s parents promised before the quartet came to stay for a month. The mold issues in their home took a lot more time … Continue reading

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Traveling is such a drag

The drag factor determines how much we pack for a trip. The older we get, the less drag we want. Take our trip to England last year, for example. The roller on one of the suitcases failed to roll just … Continue reading

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